John Andrew Perello, aka JonOne, Jonone or Jon156, is an American artist, most famous for his Graffiti-influenced art.

John “JonOne” Perello was born in New York, Harlem where elaborate and colorful Graffiti Art thrived. His parents wer from the Dominican Republic. Growing up in Harlem, his introduction to street art began at an early age, when he would see graffiti and tags on subway cars and city walls. Adopting these modes of expression, JonOne used the energy he felt from the city to find freedom in painting his urban landscape. While he has evolved from his early tagging days, his art continues to be inspired by the “Urban Jungle” from his youth.

Juggling between failing at school and family troubles at home meant that this young man could not avoid the everyday life of endangered teenagers and could only embrace the education the streets themselves offered. He began tagging his name in graffiti at the age of 17, with a childhood friend. In 1984, he founded the Graffiti 156 All Starz, to bring together the passion of Graffiti artists. During those early years, he met his French counterpart, Bando, who invited him instantly to Paris. John browsed the Parisian sidewalk, accompanied by the pioneers of French Hip-Hop, and started to produce paintings in the heart of an open-aired workshop at the Éphémère hospital. Magda Danysz, Marcel Strouk and even David Pluskwa have exhibited his work. His pieces were priviliged enough to be displayed in Tokyo, Monaco, New York and Hong Kong.

After moving to Paris, he began his work as a painter on canvas in a workshop. Soon he made his name in Parisian artistic circles, through his works on canvas, and was exhibited in 1990 at Gallery 45 in Berlin, and took part in the exhibition Graffiti Paris, where his work is constantly exposed to the world. His work is among those that achieve the highest bids for Graffiti Art in the world.

JonOne’s paintings defy the “rules” of graffiti. With a tremendous sense of movement and color, his compositions combine freestyle, hand-painted aesthetics with a sense of repetition akin to textile patterns. His work has often been compared to that of abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock and French artist Jean Dubuffet. By layering precise strokes and vibrant color, he creates a uniquely balanced yet dynamic visual experience.

JonOne lives and works in Paris.


HUR Kyung-Ae (Lives and works in Paris)
Born in 1977 in Gwang-Ju, South Korea

2009 M.F.A, in Fine Arts, University Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, France
2006 B.F.A, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art Paris-Cergy, France, Diplôme d'Art Plastique
2002 M.F.A, in Printmaking, Sung-Shin Women's University, Seoul, Korea
2000 B.F.A, in Painting Chon-Nam National University, Fine Arts, Gwang-Ju, Korea

2011 Competition , Centre culturel coréen, Paris
Grand Prize of the International Exhibitions Bureau, La Ferté Bernard, France
Prix du Conseil Municipal Youth, La Ferté Bernard, France
2008 Grand Prize, Mécénat Mulgam, Paris, France
2002 Prize International Competition in Bucharest Engraving, Romania
2002 National Competition Award Engraving, Seoul, Korea
1999 Competition Award National Art Moudeng, Engraving, Gwang-Ju, Korea

현재 프랑스 파리에서 작업

Hur Kyung-Ae

Arthur Dorval is born in 1987.
He lives and works in the North of France.

As a gallerist’s child, Arthur Dorval has developed a deep fascination with abstract painting.
After studying illustration and design, he focused its passion for colors and scale models on a reinvention of geometrical image.
From his beginnings in 2010, he sets up a technique that skillfully mixes play on colors and shapes, within a principle of construction and balance driven by his attention to detail and his desire for perfection.
Like “painted scultpures”, his Geometrical Outbreaks create vibrant compositions, where basic patterns evolves in new volumes, thanks to a special work on color and transparency which releases an unprecedented architecture, whether credible or not. Modern vision of geometrical art, Arthur Dorval’s Outbreaks also refers to futurism. They position the artist among the most promising talents of Optical art nowadays.

2016 | Solo exhibition. Galerie Hubert Konrad, Paris (France)
2016 | David Bloch Gallery. Marrakech (Maroc)
2016 | « AFFINITES ABSTRAITES ». Galerie Wagner. Le Touquet (France)
2015 | « SENSITIVE EYE ». David Bloch Gallery. Marrakech (Maroc)
2015 | « AFFINITES ABSTRAITES ». Galerie Wagner. Le Touquet (France)
2015 | David Bloch Gallery. Marrakech (Maroc)
2014 | Galerie 713. Knokke Le Zoute (Belgique)
2013 | Galerie Dorval. Lille (France)
2013 | Galerie Baczyk de Souter. Cannes (France)
2013 | Galerie 713. Knokke Le Zoute (Belgique)
2013 | Galerie Radeski. Liège (Belgique)
2012 | Galerie Emeraude. Le Touquet (France)
2016 | Art Up Fair. Lille (France)
2015 | Art Up Fair. Lille (France)
2014 | Salon Yia Art Fair. Paris (France)
2014 | Art Up Fair. Lille (France)
2013 | Salon Lille Art Fair. Lille (France)
2012 | Salon Lille Art Fair. Lille (France)

Arthur Dorval

Née à ...


1996 M.F.A Dept. of Oriental Paintings, Hong-Ik University, Seoul
1991 B.F.A Dept. of Oriental Paintings, Hong-Ik University, Seoul


1999 The Grand Prize, MANIF Seoul 99
Excellence Award, Art Exhibition of Sosabeol
1996 Excellence Award, The 16th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea

Ilhwa Kim